Industrial Tooling
Personalized Items



We have a wide variety of customer who bring different types of requests daily.  Everything from large quantities of industrial cutters, to one-off pieces such as personalizing your marble chess set, to putting a part number onto the screws used to mend bone during surgery.

Please feel free to send us a message and let use confirm that we can handle your request with quality service and preciseness.

Industrial Tooling

This section shows examples of serialization, bar coding, and company logo's on Industrial tools.  The depth of the mark is up to you.  We can cut into the tool or just mark the surface to the point that you can see the mark clearly without distorting the part.

Personalized Items

We can mark just about any type of material from plastic to glass, to marble.  This is perfect for gifts, promotional items, advertising, give-aways and personalized items.

Medical Items

We can mark precise, accurate measurements with no distortion to the instrument.  This mark will retain its durability through the toughest sterilization process.


Last modified: March 25, 2008

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